Renson Malesi on becoming world class bartender.

This year Africa was represented by Kenya’s Renson Malesi at the Tales of the cocktail Festival in the U.S. The J’s Fresh Bar & Kitchen cocktail craftsman was the first male Kenyan bartender to participate at the cocktail festival. As laudable as his achievements are, it also means that finally Kenyan bartenders are reaping dividends… Continue reading Renson Malesi on becoming world class bartender.

Where do wines get aroma from?

A wine lover for instance would describe a Chardonnay as….. “ medium to full bodied with bright citrus, melon, honey with additional flavours of vanilla and caramel taste notes. Although Chardonnays slightly differ in aromas and taste notes – for example, Chardonnays from cool climate regions will bring out more of the citrus flavours than… Continue reading Where do wines get aroma from?

Wine notes – Cabernet Sauvignon

Origin – Cabernet Sauvignon came about after an accidental inter-breeding between red Cabernet Franc grape and a white Sauvignon Blanc in Southwestern France in the 17th century Colour, taste notes and food pairing Cabernet Sauvignon is a naturally dark coloured, full body, dry (not sweet) with alcohol content above 13.5% red wine. Being full bodied… Continue reading Wine notes – Cabernet Sauvignon