About Kula Kunywa

Hey you…… Welcome to Kula kunywa. I write beautiful stories about bar/mixology life. I’m a Bartender or some would prefer to use Mixologist  insteadWhat I do is…. I take care of your beverage needs. You wanna go hiking, camping or stay at home with your boys,  girls, business associates, work associates, strangers or maybe you wanna just go to your favourite bar, hotel,  cafe,  club to have fun and a drink or may be just chill at home with a drink? ……well, I’ve got you taken care of. Call, text or email me with your questions and concerns and I will do my best to offer you some awesome solutions. Whatever it is,  we’ll discuss in details till we agree.

Together with my team, I’ll offer you quick cocktail recipes that are easy to follow instructions. If you don’t have the time or expertise, not to worry….I’ll be at your door step to help out. I also share cocktail recipes, beverages, restaurants and bar guides on my social media sites. Again you can watch cool videos on my YouTube channel.

What else can you expect? 

  • Beverage and cocktail consultancy
  • Bar designs,  operation consultancy and management
  • Bar management system provision
  • Bartender,  Mixologist and bar staff for hire
  • Bar staff training
  • Product launch,  relaunch, realease, marketing and promotions services.

Thank you.

Lawrence Amaya.


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